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Samples Revivification from the NES and Playstation versions of Final Fantasy II



(Verse 1)
We feel revived as we breathe in the morning light
ready to go despite all of the warning signs
We're doing fine, we don't need no shine
to figure all the secrets that we left behind

Out the alcove zipping into our coats
packing into the bandwagons that we all drove in
Suppose when opposing factors tend to just factor in
like part-time work and rent, but does that even matter then?
We've got to party and party and drink and drink
til we hit the brink and emerge from the haze
As the day breaks and we part our ways
The flames fade thus ends our party phase for now

The summer days are long the winter nights are longer
A couple flames ignite and cinders burn for hours
And hours and hours but when they gonna catch on me?
and burn me down

How do you party all day all night and you
still feel revived?
When all the demons have been flushed away do you
still feel revived?
How do you party all day all night and you
still feel revived?

How you party all day all night and you(x3)
And you still feel revived?
How you party all day all night and you(x3)
And you still feel revived?

(Verse 2)
The next day rolls around as my head pounds
Tar's clogging my throat the ick of liquor's in my mouth
Work's in a half an hour, hop in the bath and shower
Wash away memories long gone that the past devoured

As I fasten my belt adjust my neck tie (neck tie)
I'm wondering when there'll be a next time (next time)
Yeah, to kick it with my boys
And I'm digging up some coins so I can buy another pack and I

Hope it lasts the night brother cuz imma gonna go hard
My jobs until 11 so I'll have a slow start
But that's not stopping me, I'm sure I'll find a way
To down every last one of these IPAs

Tonight, tonight I'll have a fine time
But if I drink this glass of water I'll be fine, right?
The party is the focus found in my line of sight
And I'm like, now it's time to feel Revived



from Brother, released August 12, 2014




DDwili Wethersfield, Connecticut

Video games have always been a big part of my life growing up. I think I enjoy video game music over all other forms/genres. I sample from the games I enjoy, as well as the televisions shows I watch. I hope you enjoy the combination of beautiful video game music and my sing-song rapping style!
Be sure to check out my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud for more stuff!
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