OK feat. Joe Dionne

from by DDwili

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Samples the PS2 Startup Menu Ambience (the waves)


You probably all wonder why
I'm looking for my sun-shine
been looking for all my life
and I know that it's allright

(verse 1)
So girl spit it up, what's your name
I've been walking up the block and you're not the same
I mean god damn, you're so gorgeous
And I'm not sure that I can even afford this
because you're rich and I am poor but
you're the one that I adore
something tells me I want a little more
You make me melt like a cracker with smores
(Ha ha ha), but jokes aside
You should take a little peak into my life
Girl I know you're holding a prize
I'm looking for the one who can open my eyes

(verse 2)
Now here's the type of lady I'm walking with
Non immature girl no awkwardness
In fact I wouldn't have the opposite
I want a sexy little woman who's confident
Come here, don't be shy
Old wives tale, I won't bite
I have a feeling we'll have fun tonight
so come on, take my hand and we can give it try
Party no Party we'll pass the time
Chat a little bit wit a glass of wine Damn
Why is your face so cute
You giggle I laugh as I come to embrace you
I see your face is a breath away
I ask for a kiss and you said ok
taste of the lips I'll double dip
in the sunshine that you're givin me


from Brother, released August 12, 2014
Joe Dionne on Guitar




DDwili Wethersfield, Connecticut

Video games have always been a big part of my life growing up. I think I enjoy video game music over all other forms/genres. I sample from the games I enjoy, as well as the televisions shows I watch. I hope you enjoy the combination of beautiful video game music and my sing-song rapping style!
Be sure to check out my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud for more stuff!
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