Make Believe (Prod. by Jbad)

from by DDwili

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Samples Garden from Runescape


what if this is imaginination
What if this is all make believe
What if I'm just in a coma
what if this is all just a dream
Because I'm, not sure if living in the moment is
Just unwind, into the fantasy that gives you good

every night my dreams are lucid
Sometimes they float away
other times when I'm wide awake
I feel like my vision degrades
living the same plain game while
my aim is missing
Running thru strange grainy plains like the
phase has shifted
They invade my system, the dreams I can't control
but when their haze is lifting, I see a twilit road
which makes me praise this gift that, grants me ethereal
thoughts that I brought as the sleep makes my Eyelids roll
but who knew that one day I'd become the man
who'd cruise on through this dream land
And the nightmares that are chasing me
Seem far more authentic than reality
so what is the reason I need to be sleeping
in order to bring out my mind?
I learn via a tesseract
causing a wrinkle in time
folding the fabric of space and life
All within my dreams
My consiousness erasing the lies
playing make believe
I'd like to pretend I'm someone else
created in a thought
But when my eyes open
my dream bubble pops
Real life feels so dull to my inner thoughts
It's without a doubt questions begin to drop like



from Brother, released August 12, 2014




DDwili Wethersfield, Connecticut

Video games have always been a big part of my life growing up. I think I enjoy video game music over all other forms/genres. I sample from the games I enjoy, as well as the televisions shows I watch. I hope you enjoy the combination of beautiful video game music and my sing-song rapping style!
Be sure to check out my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud for more stuff!
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