Let Me Take It To The Road

from by DDwili

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Samples Jungle- A Lush Load from Phantasy Star Online


Let me take it to the road
let me take it to the road
I can't stand it here, I wanna get out
I just wanna find something new so
Let me take it to the road
let me take you to the road
the demand is near, I can sense it clear
I just wanna find something new so

Imma pack my bags, Imma pack my things I wanna
travel all over the world
my car is my only friend
I need a lesson that I'll learn so it will earn me an end
burn me again, I tell you
scorn me my friend, you
Won't know what'll happen till it happens to you
But if I turn a blind side I won't be finding the truth
finding the truth, outside of the box I'm in
All the minutes I remain my life will stay the same
I need a needle, I got a compass in my veins
I'm running without no aim
My brains feeling plain but it steadily glows
with the traffic and I'm ready so

Fuck a flight I will roadtrip, on my longboard coastin
The only times I've moved were college and whenever folks did
Now I notice that I'm on my own shit
The heart is where the home is and that alone is my Focus

Yeah, I'm sure I'll make mistakes
Cheesing to be leaving well I hate this place
Driving to a point til a case gets made
Carving hills and coasting till a way is paved

I figure the bigger the goal the bigger I figure the outcome
I'll saddle to travel the road the homies are wondering how come
what could be driving you, what do you strive to do
Is there a reason for you leaving? Well I found one

(Heh) And it might sound dumb but
Are there people famous in Derry, well I count none
D-Town has showed me a drought so it's
Peace now my homies, I'm out


from Brother, released August 12, 2014




DDwili Wethersfield, Connecticut

Video games have always been a big part of my life growing up. I think I enjoy video game music over all other forms/genres. I sample from the games I enjoy, as well as the televisions shows I watch. I hope you enjoy the combination of beautiful video game music and my sing-song rapping style!
Be sure to check out my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud for more stuff!
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