Beyond The Darkness

from by DDwili

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Samples Beyond The Darkness from Final Fantasy X


When you walk through the darkness
It's not as bad as you imagine when you get there, you will see that
when you walk through the darkness
You're not alone you will find those that will be there when you need a light
Raw raw for my brothers (x3)

(Verse 1)
Stop (breathe), take a deep breath
and reflect on the pressures that are forming in your head
Check the stress and see if it's worth it
Abandon any damage that you deem as worthless

Harder done than said, The heart is hard to barter with
Harping that it is smart enough to start again A
bargain is tragic, lethargic's my action
Embarked with no traction in darkness I'm trapped in

Dwelling in the dark won't change much
You can find light if you let your eyes readjust
I know it's hard to find the will to carry on
When everything that happening in life seems very wrong

But remember this
Nostalgia plagues the mind whenever people tend to reminisce
Good times are relished as bad times are faded
That's why we develop darkness so I'm saying


(Verse 2)
Look, (pause), you're not on your own
You can check the vicinity or glance in your phone
Stone walling ain't healing, sealing
everything inside makes the ride hard to deal with

Find a mode of happiness to channel your chakra
Fight the foes and sap the stress that handles your mantra
Grind and grow with laughs and bless the people you love so you can
Light and glow when sadness makes a stand to your construct

Trust me when I say it gets better
The chest pains will go away and when your head hurts just
Vent if you need to, spend cents if you need to
Transcend to the end of the stress and just breathe

I know we're not accustomed to a
Death of a friend or loss of a loved one
But you're not outta options
If you need a brother well we got some so


Jayb, you my brother
Ice Berg, you my brother
Blue Squad, you my brothers
Cullen, you my brother for real

Yo Ethan, you my brother
Yo Didgeridoo, you my brother
Yo Mika, you my brother
Yo Nebula, you my brother (uh)

B.K., you my brother
Cliche, you my brother
Yo Sloppy, you my brother
Mike Wing, you my brother, homie


from Brother, released August 12, 2014




DDwili Wethersfield, Connecticut

Video games have always been a big part of my life growing up. I think I enjoy video game music over all other forms/genres. I sample from the games I enjoy, as well as the televisions shows I watch. I hope you enjoy the combination of beautiful video game music and my sing-song rapping style!
Be sure to check out my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud for more stuff!
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